Storagesolutions Weaves Efficiency into BTSR’s Successful Yarn Control Solutions

By Massimo Rossetti, Quality Manager, BTSR International S.p.A.

For more than 25 years, BTSR International S.p.A. has been a worldwide leader in in the design and development of advanced solutions for yarn control in a variety of industrial processes, from yarn preparation to textile manufacturing. Today, BTSR International is a world Reference Partner for major companies operating in the textile chain, by contributing to their production efficiency and quality improvement




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To maintain its competitive edge while operating as efficiently as possible, BTSR International partnered with Storagesolutions, a division of Essegi System Service s.r.l., to use its range of leading intelligent storage systems to ensure that its SMD component stock remained in good order.
Before implementing the Storagesolutions systems three years ago, BTSR International performed an intensive competitive analysis. At the end of the process, it was found that the Storagesolutions units best fit the company?s needs for its SMD component stock. The solutions are dedicated and specific for SMD materials, they provide better performance in the ratio of system to floor space, they have the option of humidity control, numerous systems have been installed worldwide and the handling of the materials in the cases is exemplary.

BTSR International has installed numerous Storagesolutions? intelligent storage systems at its facility, including seven ACS1500 systems, three ACS1500 with humidity control units and an ACS400 system with a humidity control unit.

“We are pleased that we have been able to help BTSR International solve many of its coding, management, material handling and humidity control issues,? said Storagesolutions sales director Matteo Padoan. ?The ACS systems that BTSR has implemented are designed to use the full potential of the existing equipment used in its production department. Our goal is to help BTSR make its production run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

Coding and Management of Incoming Material


Figure 2

Before the implementation of the intelligent storage systems, the coding and management of BTSR International?s incoming materials were performed by the operators in the main stock area. However, those operators were not trained to handle electronics components.



After the implementation of the Storagesolutions storage systems, all electronic stock was moved into the SMD production area. In this way, the operators that were handling and checking the incoming material were more skilled and trained to handle these types of sensitive components. This move resulted in numerous benefits, the top two being reduction of error during the coding and labeling of the new material as well as improved detection of non-compliant materials.

Handling of Materials for Production

Also before the implementation of the intelligent storage management, all material needed for production was prepared, placed on pallets, and then moved to the SMD production area. Operators had to manually locate each component among many reels on the pallet as they went through the setup process. This was an inefficient use of time.

After the implementation of automatic systems, however, there were no more movements from the main stock to the SMD department. All material needed for production was already in the department and easily available.




Figure 3

Moreover, the system uses software designed and developed solely for electronics production. It allows BTSR International to check in advance to ensure that the necessary reels and components are available and ready for production.

This software provides the company with significant advantages, including the reduction of more than 50 percent of the handling time of the SMD components. It also reduces line stoppages due to issues related to component handling. Additionally, operator errors are eliminated in the selection and search of needed materials, as well as pallet flow problems from the main warehouse and the SMD department. With the AutoSMD software, the systems can trace all component movements and automatically calculate the exposure time beyond the limits, notifying the operator and blocking the component if the maximum limit is exceeded.

“With the dynamic management of the intelligent storage systems, we have reduced our SMD stock space by 70 percent,? said BTSR International?s Massimo Rossetti. ?We were able to move all stock in the SMT production area and gain more space in the main warehouse that previously was used for SMD components. Also, we no longer need space for transit materials waiting to be loaded in the lines.”

Humidity Control


Figure 4

At first, BTSR International did not purchase the systems equipped with humidity control because it felt that the building air conditioning units were sufficient to maintain a reasonable humidity level. However, it experienced an issue in August 2012 in which the facility?s air conditioning failed. Because the company was closed for the summer holiday, the facility went a few weeks without air conditioning and humidity levels in the SMT department rose significantly. Once back in production, the company found that 10-15 percent of the LED Class 3 MSD components mounted on the PCBs failed. For this reason, it retrofitted three of its ACS1500 systems and the ACS400 system with Storagesolutions? humidity control unit. Since that time, no further failures in this type of LED have occurred.



Storagesolutions offers a complete line of ACS automatic and intelligent component storage systems. All ACS intelligent static warehouses can be configured with the humidity control module. Thus, it is possible to control and monitor humidity, and to maintain an internal environment with humidity of less than five percent.

Marketing Value

BTSR International is an international company that invites customers onsite often. With the Storagesolutions systems, the company can show customers firsthand how efficient and organized its production department is. Customers also can see firsthand how proficiently BTSR International stocks its primary materials (electronics components), showcasing its process and high-quality products.

?We consider Storagesolutions to be a very good investment and we intend to implement more as needed while updating our existing systems with new solutions,? concluded Rossetti.

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