SMD PCB terminal blocks with pushbuttons

WAGO’s 2061 Series SMD PCB terminal blocks with pushbuttons are the ideal solution for PCB-based LED lighting and industrial electronics. Easy handling and a compact design make the cost-effective series highly versatile for worldwide applications.


The surface-mount terminal blocks are the perfect connection for incoming power to an LED driver, or for higher power LED modules, accommodating a broad range of conductors. With a total height of just 5.6 mm, space is conserved and shadowing in LED applications is reduced. The compact 2061 Series is a manufacturing-friendly, repeatable alternative to hand-soldering leads. CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology allows for PUSHWIRE® connection of solid or pre-bonded conductors, or the connection of stranded, unprepared conductors via pushbutton operation. Simply depress the pushbutton to open the springs. As an exclusive feature in this size, the pushbutton enables wire removal in the case of wiring errors or at the end of a module life.
Your Benefits with the 2061 SMD PCB Terminal Blocks
• Low profile prevents on-board shadowing
• 1-, 2- and 3-pole variants
• 6 mm pin spacing
• 10A current rating
• Up to 16 AWG
• Push-in termination of solid conductors
• Easy handling via side-entry wiring and top-of-unit actuation
• Terminal strips of different poles can be assembled side-by-side without pole loss, allowing for a reduced number of variants and lower production costs
• Delivery in tape-and-reel packaging for automated assembly
• Potential for significant cost savings thanks to automated pick-and-place assembly
A larger variant than the field-proven 2060 Series, the new surface mount PCB terminal block features 6 mm pin spacing with a 10A current rating and up to 16 AWG, as well as a rated voltage of up to 600V (1P). Especially suited for solid state lighting applications that often utilize metal-core PCBs, such as higher power LED modules, LED drivers, and other industrial electronics where SMD technology and low profile are desirable features, the 2061 Series are the industry’s most compact and easy-to-use 16 AWG SMD terminal block for wiring industrial electronics and LED modules.