Pick & Place Machines – Ensures accurate placement of components

Pick-and-Place machines or P&Ps, are robotic machines, which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB). They are used for high speed, high precision placing of broad range of electronic components, like capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits onto the PCBs which are in turn used in computers, consumer electronics as well as industrial, medical, automotive, military and telecommunications equipment. In this article, you have touched some of the technical aspects of Pick & Place machines along with the market leaders of Indian Industry.

SMT-Pick-n-Place-machineSMT Pick & Place machines are an important part of entire SMT line, at the placement stage in the mounting process, the accuracy is determined by the performance of the placement system. Now day’s high-tech placement systems are available with inspection systems & robotics arms to ensure accurate placement of the ultra miniature components on the PCBs. With a very large range of applications & types and sizes of components, the specifications of Pick & Place machines diversified with the applications. Let’s explore some of the major aspects of pick & place machines ahead.

Specifications of Pick & Place Machines

As stated earlier P&P machines are dedicated to very specific applications and are capital investment as well. There are certain criteria set globally based on which P&P machines are classified. Equipment manufacturers specify their equipment is the first step in finding the right equipment for production requirements. Some of the main points in deciding the best solutions are:


Placement Speed

Placement speed for pick and place machines are measured in terms of “components per hour,” or CPH. Components are picked up, inspected, and placed onto a PCB at this rate. Many equipment manufacturers use the IPC 9850 standard to determine CPH rates for their machines. This ensures that they are using the same part mix and PCB placement arrays, making it easier for buyers to compare one machine—and one manufacturer’s machine—against another’s.


Feeder Slots

Feeder capacity means the number of 8 mm tape feeders that can be loaded onto the machine at one time. Larger components will require larger feeders. You’ll need to find out from the manufacturer how many slots each of the larger tape feeder types—12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm and up—take up.


Part Size

Keep in mind any special component needs you have, including BGA, CSP and odd-form parts. Equipment manufacturers will give you the maximum and minimum component dimensions that the machine will handle.


Component Lead Pitch

0.012? fine pitch is fairly standard for today’s pick and place equipment. If fine pitch capability is required, do not be fooled by manufacturers referencing motor specification or motor accuracy.

Assembling LED boards with a pick & place machine

Pick and place machines are also used to assemble LED boards. They can do so far more quickly and accurately than hand assembly can. There are special considerations to be taken care in mind, however, when selecting a pick and place machine for LED assembly jobs.

  1. LED boards may be exceptionally small—designed to fit inside a light bulb socket housing—or they may be long and skinny, like those intended to replace fluorescent tubes.


  1. For long LED boards, you’ll need either a long enough machine that the entire board can be assembled in a single pass, or a machine capable of two-stage assembly.


  1. Assembling LEDs on flexible instead of rigid substrates and delicate optical lenses are often required to be installed.


  1. LEDs can have a tendency to stick to standard pick and place nozzles, causing failed placements when the machine tries to set them down. Teflon®-coated or urethane-tipped nozzles can prevent this problem. The machine should also have a blow-off feature: when the part arrives at the placement air, a quick puff of air helps it come off the nozzle.


  1. Vision alignment is also an essential feature for any automated pick and place system intended for LED component placement.


  1. Motorized feeders are recommended over pneumatic feeders.


  1. P&P place selected should be capable of handling both Led and NON-LED components.


Selection of Pick & Place Machines

Pick & place are very specialized applications machines and available from prototypes based applications to robotics arms. Like most major investments, pick and place equipment is not “one size fits all.” Making the best choice now can save you a lot of money, time and headaches in the long run. Not every machine is suitable for every application. The selection criteria of P&P machines are one of the most critical ones. Selecting best suitable P&P machines needs to be considered many points. For most purposes, selecting pick and place equipment can be broken down into three simple steps:


  1. Understanding how manufacturers specify equipment.
  2. Calculating your product requirements:
    1. Speed/capacity
    2. Maximum and minimum component sizes
    3. Precision and accuracy
    4. Board or panel size
    5. Number and types of component feeders
  3. Benchmarking machines from various manufacturers against your requirements.

Some of the SMT Pick & Place machines available in Indian industry are:

Fuji Announces NXT III

nxtiiimain_eNmtronics presents here latest model from Fuji, NXT III mounting platform. The latest edition to the NXT series offers improved performance in all areas. Top of the list of improvements with the NXT III are better productivity for all part sizes and types thanks to a faster XY robot; faster tape feeders; and a newly developed “flying vision” parts camera. In addition, the new H24 head – capable of 35,000 cph (chips per hour) per module – means a 35% increase in speed compared to the NXT II. The NXT III also offers industry-leading quality by improving machine rigidity and further refining its independent servo control and vision recognition technology, Fuji has achieved a placing accuracy for small chip parts of +/-25 um.

Juki India Pvt. Ltd

The next-generation RX7/RX6 high-density placement systems with compact footprint.

RX-6_Main_angle_viewJuki’s RX7/RX6 together is a combination of high speed compact modular & flexible mounter that forms a central core of next generation flex modular line & improves safety, reliability, maintainability & economic performance furthermore while succeeding the flexibility performance realized by modular concept accumulated from existing models. RX-7/RX6 could be used with newly developed electric feeders, which are common with all Juki models from KE & FX series. Additionally “IS Software” (Intelligent Shop floor Solutions) are the manufacturing support system to be used with both RX-7/RX6 for line balancing, line optimization, offline programming & capable to control multiple SMT production line.

Assembleon from PROSEM Technology India

iflex – Combining Quality, Intelligent Flexibility, Cost Control and Efficiency in one smart solution

i-FlexThe iFlex is industries most flexible modular one-machine concept, available in single-lane or dual-lane. The iFlex machine is any combination of any amount of three available modules; scaleable in feeder positions, output and/or capabilities and excels. Using single-pick / single-place technology, Assembléon promises “the industry´s highest First Pass Yield production levels with defect levels of less than 10DPM”. Featuring dual transport lanes, dual sided feeding, internal buffer positions and feeder trolley exchanges during production, iFlex is designed for highest throughput. The ‘Independent Dual Lane’ concept allows manufacturers to produce in volume on one lane, while changing jobs on the second.

Samsung C&T

Excen series High Speed modular mounter

EXCEN_L_RExcen series High Speed modular mounter gives world’s highest placement speed and unmatched performance per square foot in its class. Excen Flex, Dual gantry modular machine using 12 nozzles flying camera achieves world’s highest placement speed of 82,000 CPH. It can be used for parts from 0402(01005 inch) to 140 x 55mm as well as PCB up to 900 x 580mm. And Excen Pro is 4 gantry 16 nozzles rotary turret head with optimum CPH of 120,000 with capable of 0402(01005 inch) to ~?54mm(Max. H28mm). Excen series maximize actual productivity and work convenience by using SMART feeder which is the world’s first auto splicing and auto loading and Side View Vision System for both pre and post part placement inspection.

Europlacer from SCB interconnection

Iineo mounter – Ready for tomorrow challenge

We represent state of the art highend technology machines from Europlacer France & UK covering Pick & Place machines and SMT Screen Printers. These machines are specially developed for highend technology with small to medium volume production. As a matter of fact Europlacer is pioneer in this segment and they are among the leaders worldwide. They have been developing machines for electronic assembly manufacturing since the 1970. Whose who from Europe and other parts of the world use their equipments. Europlacer developed high end technology with comprehensive machine capability, stability and usability, upgradability (even 10 years old machine can be upgraded to latest technology) resulting in a product range with one of the best price performance resulting in to the optimum ROI for high-mix electronics assembly markets, regardless of variety and technology. The Europlacer pick and place product is a genuine productivity tool, enabling business growth especially for small to medium volume high variety high end technology.


Yamaha from Trans-Technology Ind. Pvt Ltd

Picture1YS- YS12F/  YS12P / YS12  meant for small –medium production

YS24 /YS24X- Combination or as a singleton is suitable for medium to high speed production

YSM20 /YSM40 – Advanced version of YS24/YS24X for ultra –high production

Supporting more than 30,000 SMT units worldwide under Intelligent Machinery. Yamaha SMT machine is another line extension to their existing robotics portfolio. Some of the USP of Yamaha machines are:


ü  Low cost per chip combining other factors like Power/Air consumption.

ü  Easy Handling in terms of machine programming, changeovers retrofits etc.

ü  100 % LED assisted camera for component recognition termed as “Vision” centring.

ü  Maximum feeder slot count machine per se.

ü  Efficient XYZ axes control for un-matched accuracy @ < µ±3? >.

ü  Built on Monoqocue structure


Dima from Innotronics Systems

Modular Full Vision Pick & Place machines – PP 050

High Speed Mounter – MP 200  

DIMA machines prove on productivity, flexibility, upgradeability and performance. Intelligent feeders are common for the entire range of DIMA pick and place machines. A modular system built for growth, combined with flexibility and intelligence. Basic machine includes a PCB fixture for double sided PCB’s, has one placement pipette, one on the fly component camera and one feeder bank. To increase the component range or number of feeders the machine can be upgraded with an extra camera or extra feeder banks.


Main Features:

  • Handles component from Chip, Melf, SOT, SOIC, TSOP, TNT, PLCC, QFP, BGA, micro BGA, LCC.
  • State of the art ESI correct place vision system for vision on the fly for high precision placement of all standard components
  • Integrated precise CCD camera for fiducial recognition, feeder alignment and easy teach in programming
  • Feeder capacity of up to 120 fully intelligent feeders.


EVEST (Taiwan) from Agate & Agate Marketing Resources

EVEST LED Pick & Place Machines for LED Assembly

Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt Ltd have launched EVEST (Taiwan) make EM series Pick & Place Machines. These are classic in Providing crucial pick & Place functions especially for LED Assembly & long length PCB up-to 1200mm typically used in LED Tube Lights . It can provide high flexible program according to different Bin Value of LED components to facilitate operators find the appropriate mode of placement ensures the light uniformity of the finished product. It is available for 600 /1200 / 1500/3000 mm LED florescent Tube ( T5 T8) including all LED related Products such as LED Automotive Lighting , LED Flexible Strips etc. Mounting speed of 13,000 CPH (IPC 9850) ensures capability to handle medium volume production to high volume production. Optimized Pick / Place routing design ensures best practical speed.


Autotronik from EMST MARKETING

LD 812 V4 LED Pick and Place machine

Unlike standard pick & place machines that have been adapted to LED assembly, the LD812V4 is purpose built for assembling LED boards. LD812V4 places LED components from 0201 to 8mm x 8mm , including both standard and irregularly shaped LEDs. Bottom vision is available to expand the component range to 20mm x 20mm. Each of the four placement heads of LD812V4 features positive air pressure to release ‘sticky’ LED components. Non-Stick, Teflon coated nozzles and custom nozzles are available. Domed LEDs can be safely placed using placement nozzles designed not to be exposed to the optical lens during pick &place, protecting the component. The four pick-and-place heads mounted on the LD812V4s high precision, ball-screw-driven gantry perform simultaneous pick-up to achieve rates to 15,000 LEDs per hour (per IPC-9850 standard).


MIARE from Bergen Systems

MR series (MR20 / MR20LP / MR40L / MR40LP)

Mirae Corporation from South Korea presents MR series SMT pick & place machines, suitable for many key applications like, EMS, Automotive, Telecommunication, Security, and LED/Lighting & Defense. Some of its unique features are 4th generation linear Motor & New Gantry System. Flexible component range of module Head & Precision Head, 4th generation linear motor: Semi-permanent durability. All-In-One solution: Module head include 2 precision spindles, precision head: over 25mm maximum component height, conveyor system: Solid body type and flat timing belt, high resolution component inspection camera: SXGA (1.3M) standard and UXGA (2.0M) option, smart Software Solution: easy to switch Productivity mode or Quality Mode.



Complex circuits & sophisticated components are the two pillars of modern electronics world. However, in order to create a circuit on these two stands, the biggest concern is the precise placement of the components. In Indian industry a no of pick place machines are available from worldwide manufacturers, but to select the most suitable ones, could be difficult. The accuracy, vision & inspection quality, range of feeders, speed & operational specifications, are some of the key features of pick & place machines, should be kept in mind, while selecting a machine for a given application.