Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Debuts the Wave Glide™ Innovative Squeegee Blade

Great Lakes, MN— April 2015 —Great Lakes Engineering announces the introduction of the Wave Glide™, an innovative new Squeegee Blade developed by Lu-Con Technologies of Flemington, NJ, and designed to offer users a number of advantages over conventional squeegee blades.

Great Lakes Wave Glide™ Innovative Squeegee BladeThe Wave Glide™ Squeegee Blade is designed to be custom fit to any blade holder on the market today using slots, not holes, eliminating the need to completely dissemble the blade holder when the blade needs replacement.
Its unique Integrated Paste Containment Wing requires no setup or operator involvement, virtually eliminating paste tram-lines or paste seeping out behind the guides. No more tricky deflectors for operators to deal with that just end up getting removed and thrown away. The result – Less paste required for good printing results with users reporting paste saving of up to 250 grams per job! The Wave Glide™ Squeegee Blade is easy clean up as there are no nooks or crannies to contend with.

Simplicity and functionality wrapped up in one elegant design.

Detailed information about The Wave Glide™ Squeegee Blade can be obtained by contacting John Carr, Director of Sales at Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. at
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