EVS Interview — United States

Graham Norman,
Managing Director, EVS International

 Graham Norman, Managing Director, EVS International

Graham Norman, Managing Director, EVS International

EVS International is based in the United Kingdom on the Isle of Wight, which is a technology hub off the south coast of the English mainland. EVS has become the leading company in the solder recovery market and today holds 16 International awards for its equipment. Here we talk to Managing Director Graham Norman about the benefits of solder dross recovery equipment, new equipment and the secret of the company’s success.

What are the main benefits of solder dross recovery equipment?
They are many but the most important include reduction in carbon footprint, significant return on investment (ROI), ISO 14001 environmental management, improved process and productivity, reduced wave maintenance, and reduced shorts and rework. All of our customers are keen to save money while improving their processes

How does solder dross recovery positively impact the environment?

As part of its process, EVS uses the energy in heating up the solder pot/dross to get a rapid increase in temperature when we process the waste dross. With our process, we can extract 55-75 percent (or more) pure solder from this waste on site at the point of use. This process is extremely environmentally efficient and produces a fast ROI, saving storage, administration and shipping heavy solder-laden dross off site. We share a mantra with ISO 14001: Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.

We understand that EVS International now offers a new range of systems — EVS 1500, EVS 8, EVS 10K — based on the EVS 7000/9000. What benefits does this new range present to users? To the industry?

We have introduced significantly altered software that simplifies operation and servicing, while improving recovery and providing a faster payback as we have done with the 7/9 machines. As well as improving the aesthetics of the range, we have maximized the thermal efficiency of the machines and have improved both the operational and recovery percentages. The main improvements/modifications to the machines include:

  • New multi-stroke software increases the recovery rates by 15-20 percent
  • New door concept gives greater and easier access when doing cleaning stop and preventive maintenance (PM).
  • New dross chute with clamping system provides a complete seal.
  • New loading tray increases the loading area and keeps the top of the EVS cleaner.

Why are the updated versions necessary? Do they offer additional cost savings? Is the ROI faster?

We take our customers’ and distributors’ feedback very seriously. Our research and development teams use this feedback to make the EVS machines more efficient and effective as well as to make modifications that improve safety for those operating the machines. We have maximized all our operating parameters in order to significantly improve upon what was already an extremely fast ROI on both our lead and lead-free machines. Payback is MONTHS not YEARS for the majority of our customers, which is much more appealing.

Are all EVS International’s systems lead-free compatible?

Yes, we have offered our customers lead-free and lead systems since 2007.

Is the new range of systems available to customers across the world?

Yes, we launched the three new models at the IPC APEX EXPO in the United States this year.

Is EVS International experiencing growth in the United States? How do you envision the market growing/changing for you during the second half of 2013?

Yes, the NAFTA block is back into positive territory and we are seeing a large rise in both interest and physical orders. Our second half of 2013 will continue growing positively in this territory.

Does EVS have an American distributor? If so, how long have you had representation in this country? Do you attribute any increase in market share to your distributor?

Yes, we are in partnership with Sono-Tek, the ultrasonic experts from Upstate New York. The company is like EVS in that it can make substantial savings on primary flux consumption, up to an 80 percent reduction depending on application. ROI is great as is ISO 14001.

What will EVS focus on for the remainder of 2013 and into the first quarter of 2014? Does EVS have any new products and/or technologies in the pipeline? If so, can you give us a “sneak” peek?

Only for you! We are launching our EVS 500, a smaller version of our tried and tested multiple award-winning solder recovery system but with unique developments, smaller footprint — similar in size to a printer with some stunning advantages. I cannot tell you much more at the moment but you will be impressed when we launch at Productronica in November this year.