ASM OSC (Odd Shape Component) package: Make placing odd-shaped components even easier

ASM OSC PackageOdd shape components (OSC) do not always have a shape or other structures such as leads which can be used for identifying the component center and its orientation. With the new Pattern Feature of the new ASM OSC package, users can now detect irregular lead shapes for component measurement and placement centering.

These patterns can be easily created and changed in the SIPLACE Vision Editor during teaching at the station. Once the camera captures an image of the component, the user would be able to draw a frame around single features or attributes and mark them for the Vision system. A special algorithm will then extract a model out of the marked areas which can be used to later measure and align all components of the same type, increasing placement accuracy.
Key Benefits:

  • Maximize product quality by avoiding human errors
  • Saves time with quick and easy teaching of component
  • Reduce manufacturing costs with increased degree of automation
  • High throughput of products with increased placement speed

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